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Unlock Masterclass Bonuses Worth ₹ 1,10,000/-

Bonus #1

Company Work Dependency

As a Bonus, in this Masterclass, you'll also Learn the key Tactics for Optimizing your Business Operations, Delegating Tasks Effectively, and Scaling your Business

Bonus #2

Excel Tools Setup

You Will Also Learn Excel Tools Setup to Setup Your Marketing Budget, Keeping Your Company Expenses, and Run your Business on Autopilot Without any Hassle

Bonus #3

Astrology Basic Setup

Using Business Astrology, you can gain Insights into the best Times to Launch a new Product or Service Better Understand your own Strengths and Weaknesses

Bonus #4

Numerology Basic Setup

studying the numerology of your Business name, Launch Date, and even your own Birthdate, you can Gain Valuable Insights Into your Business for Long-term Success

Bonus #5

Graphology Basic Setup

it helps you better Understand yourself and your Business, and also Provides Valuable insights into the Personalities and behaviors of your employees and business partners

Bonus #6

Search Business Loophole

Get our exclusive e-book "Search Your Business Loopholes" for free! This Guide will help you Identify Hidden Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities in your Business Operations that Could be Holding you back

Our Masterclass Result Speak For Us


  1. Revenue Stagnant for 3 years
  2. Lack of Commitment and Ownership Among the Team
  3. Daily Routine Required Personal Intervention
  4. The Team Faced Capability Challenges


  1. Implemented Systems and Processes for Autopilot
  2. 30% Revenue Increase in 5 Months
  3. Improved Team Capability Through Goal Alignment


  1. Struggling to Attract and Retain Customers
  2. Lack of Clarity in Business Strategy
  3. Difficulty in Managing Finances Effectively
  4. Inadequate Knowledge of Marketing and Sales Techniques


  1. Successfully Increased Customer Base and Retention rate
  2. Achieved Significant Business Growth and Expansion
  3. Improved Financial Performance
  4. Improved Marketing and Sales Strategies, Boosted Revenue and Profitability

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Sunjjoy Chaudhri sir is an Excellent Trainer who Taught me the Real Company Case Study with great Detail and Ease. As a Newbie, I was able to follow every Lesson and Learn how to Build a Successful Business. Thanks, Sunjjoy Sir!

Shahaji Barne


Mega Setup Mastery is an Excellent Organization to Work with. Their Transformative Approach and Valuable Learning Opportunities have Helped many Companies Achieve Phenomenal Growth and Reach the Next Level in their Business

Shyam Gawade


Easy to Understand. Improve your Thought Process or Opinion to look at your Ongoing Business or new start-up you Decided to create !! Very Humble and Quick Support in Real Condition. Thank you for Offering this Kind of Opportunity, and support !!!

Vijaykanth Vargade

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Facing Challenges such as Limited Resources, Competition, Market Uncertainty

Even After Trying So Many Strategies, I am still making losses consistently

I waste my time procrastinating,
watching videos & start working in the last hour

This will Make them feel that you know their situation and you understand it

Facing Challenges such as Funding, Market Competition, and Regulatory Barriers

I don’t know Business, How do I Build Sustainable Business

Despite Implementing Various Strategies and Following Best Practices, the Business is Struggling to Generate Revenue

cash flow problems due to which your business possibly go into bankruptcy

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Welcome To The Masterclass,

This Masterclass Is Exactly For You, To Solve Your Problems!

& Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹ 1,10,000/-

Meet Your Mentor

Mr. Sunjjoy Chaudhri

(Business Case Study Expert)

Sunjjoy Chaudhri is a Highly Credible Individual, Widely Recognized as a Leading Expert in Business Case Studies. With his Extensive Experience and Expertise in the Field.

In Addition to his Entrepreneurial Accomplishments, Sunjjoy Chaudhri has also Conducted Case Studies of over 1000 Businesses Across India. These Case Studies have Provided Valuable Insights and Actionable Strategies for Improving Business Performance

Business Performance Improver

Sunjjoy Chaudhri's credibility as a Business Performance Improver is Proven through his Track Record of Successful Case Studies

Multi-Industry Experience

Sunjjoy Chaudhri's Multi-Industry Experience offers Invaluable Insights for Improving Business Performance Across all Sectors

Founder of 3 Companies

With three Successful Companies to his name, his Entrepreneurial Track Record is a Testament to his Credibility in the business world

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